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Parental anxiety and stress are associated with ineffective parenting strategies for regulating children’s exposure to pornography


According to the Journal of Sex and Marriage Therapy, parents’ psychopathological societies influence the way parents handle their children’s exposure to pornography. Anxious or stressed parents are more likely to adopt authoritarian parenting methods, and in turn, are more likely to use maladaptive strategies to regulate their children’s use of pornography. The Internet is at your fingertips, and pornography can be accessed with just a few mouse clicks-even for young children. Research shows that this type of content encourages sexual objectification and is related to harmful consequences such as sexual assault. Unsurprisingly, many parents adopt strategies to try to limit their children’s exposure to pornography. Study authors Yaniv Efrati and Meyran Boniel-Nissim point out that these parenting strategies related to pornography are usually ineffective and may even be counterproductive. For example, establishing specific rules to restrict children’s media use may paradoxically increase their use of media.

“As a child’s parent, I asked myself what is the best way to talk about pornography with my child? I have seen many parents feel scared, stressed or even anxious about their children’s exposure to pornography, and they feel they don’t know what to do,” Israel Said Yaniv Efrati, the founder and CEO of. The Center for Healthy Sexual Behavior, a senior lecturer at Beit-Berl College. Researchers want to explore whether parental stress, anxiety, or depression can cause parents to choose maladaptive strategies to regulate their children’s exposure to pornography. Efrati and Boniel-Nissim concluded that parental psychopathology should influence parenting styles, which should then lead to more or less effective strategies to regulate children’s pornography use.

Researchers have found that parental stress and anxiety are more likely to be associated with an authoritarian parenting style, which is a parenting style characterized by emphasizing obedience and strict rule-setting. In turn, authoritarian parenting is related to stricter mediation strategies-such as setting rules to regulate children’s exposure to pornography. Stressed or anxious parents are also less likely to adopt an authoritative parenting method-this parenting method places high hopes on the child, but adds warmth and compromise. Authoritative parents are unlikely to use restrictive mediation or passive mediation strategies (ie methods of rejecting or criticizing their children’s behavior). “The position or premise that our parents need to take is-relaxed parenting, encouraging open communication and active mediation,” Ebrati said.

The researchers pointed out that restrictive mediation strategies have been found to be ineffective and even have counterproductive effects due to increased bad behavior. Keeping this in mind, current research results indicate that psychopathology leads parents to adopt less favorable strategies to regulate their children’s exposure to pornography, which may actually increase the problematic behaviors that parents are trying to avoid. High levels of anxiety may cause parents to transform their pain into an authoritarian parenting method that ultimately goes against their goals. “It is important for parents to internalize that they are children’s’responsible adults’. If they do not talk to their children, their children will try to check for sexual behavior or pornography on the Internet in an irresponsible and even risky way,” Ephrati said.

“Open communication about sex or pornography, the presence of parents, and active and active parental mediation are very important to the child’s sexual development. Healthy sex, a healthy society!” The authors admit that their research does not explore how parents’ use of mediation strategies affects children’s behavior around pornography. Future research will examine the interaction between parents’ mediation strategies and children’s outcomes over time, and will gain insights into this relationship. “As parents, we have a conflict between the need to protect our children from watching uncontrolled content (such as pornography) and the development of another aspect-autonomy and independence,” Efrati explained.

“We need to be careful, stress and anxiety will not drive us as parents, and, paradoxically, will only make children see their sexual behavior as forbidden or dirty (under the guise of protecting our children)-this Will impair the development of sexual behavior to speak healthy and enjoyable. Future research should examine the importance of mediation types on the sexual cognition of children watching pornography in longitudinal studies.”

The study titled “Parental Psychopathology Promotes the Use of Ineffective Porn-related Parenting Mediation Strategies” was written by Yaniv Efrati and Meyran Boniel-Nissim.

Source: Psypost


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