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Our culture is divided into two types. One is to recognize how racism endangers and oppresses people of color in our country, while the other, regardless of skin color, insists on conscious and unconscious prejudice against race. In the United States, the same hatred rains on people of color (POC) and it rains on Jews. I am one of them (and the daughter of two Holocaust survivors.) White supremacists, anti-Semitists, KKK, and QQQ extremists, their courage is getting bigger and bigger, and they are getting easier to identify.
Their innate hatred and fear towards people who are different from themselves are not what they hide. For example, this can cause POCs to worry about the consequences if they are stopped for a “routine” traffic stop.

Extremists are hostile and dissatisfied with affirmative action, they are afraid POC is just walking and waiting. The term unconscious bias is a neutralizing term that downplays the negative connotations of racism-it is a compassionate way of understanding white people who have good intentions but have been exposed to xenophobic thoughts and beliefs throughout their lives. So, for example, they may give up seats for people of color on a crowded bus, or open the doors, or feel uncomfortable when seeing people of color well suited for duties or positions of power, or believe that to ensure that white people in power recognize black people Life is very important while fighting. But unconscious prejudice will leave a lot of undetermined areas.

It also includes the category of whites who march with people of color and believe in equal rights locally and support “the life of blacks is also fate.” Unconscious prejudice can also mean trying to overcompensate because you realize that people around you look and experience life differently from you, so you make assumptions about what their path should look like. To recognize that not all whites are “racists,” the term “unconscious bias” was introduced to describe the characteristics of most whites. These whites may object to people of color, but they did not realize that Because of their skin color.

I believe that, of course, racism and anti-Semitism exist independently, but this unconscious bias is subtle. For some people, this may be the correct label, but the following categories should also be added to the list of ways white people experience people of color:

1. Conscious prejudice: Conscious prejudice is the understanding of colors and how other people’s colors affect you. Conscious prejudice may make you doubt whether a person is a better athlete because they are black. Or, because of their skin color and environment, is a person in a senior position worthy of help?

Being aware of prejudice also means you can challenge yourself. You may realize that black people have a history of exploitation, and in many cases, they fear that their skin color may be seen as a threat to others. You may know what it means to have darker skin or different eye shapes from ordinary white people. Through conscious prejudice, you can challenge and overcome the stereotypes that you realize you hold.

  1. Conscious consciousness: Conscious consciousness means always beyond how you are taught to see differences. In many ways, it puts conscious prejudices into action, taking actions based on your knowledge of your conscious prejudices. For example, you may be aware of a conscious prejudice that people of color are the reason for better athletes, but then consciously reconstruct this stereotype to respect the hard work and training of the athletes. Through conscious awareness, you can realize that even if people of color represent a stereotype, it is not their race but other excellent reasons such as hard work that cause this performance. In this way, certain stereotypes can be eliminated, identified, or eliminated because you think the person is very talented and hardworking.
    There is a large and growing group that has changed from unconscious prejudice to conscious prejudice, and they continue to work hard to raise their awareness so that they can accept the difference to the greatest extent. 3. Conscious expectations: Conscious expectations are your positive demands on people of color to help you eliminate stereotypes. It comes from a good place, a real place. Nevertheless, it also assumes that people of color are eager to participate in these efforts, and depending on time and circumstances may be almost as important as unconscious bias. People of color may have already endured enough pressure and expectations without increasing the responsibility to help them overcome prejudice.
  2. Unconscious respect: Because I consciously realized that it is very important for me to have my son attend a school that is as representative as white children. The first girl he had a crush on was black. Almost all his friends are black. When the “fate of a black man” parade was held near where I live, I said to my son, “Do you want to go to the parade with me?” He said, “Mom, I don’t understand.” I said, “You Don’t Understand what?” He said, “I never knew that the life of a black man is not important.” That is unconscious respect.
  3. Conscious respect: For those of us who grew up in prejudice, the goal is conscious respect. Prejudice is a learned behavior. Conscious respect is also a learned behavior. Although you grew up in such an environment, it is learning to become colorblind on purpose. Conscious respect is based on understanding true discrimination and systemic racism-a painful repetitive pattern that makes those who consciously respect feel very disturbed, disturbed, and wrong.
    Although there are different stages in the way we get here, there is no doubt that more and more white people are aware of, irritating and disgusting with the racism and obvious prejudices in which people of color are treated systematically and personally. As our team grows, no matter how we get to the point where we recognize our prejudices, we all recognize that our humanity absolutely and exceeds our skin color.

Source: Psychologytoday


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