Even if you don’t work in the medical sector, medical clogs find their functionality and benefits in many more areas. This type of footwear is extremely useful for people who spend a lot of time on their feet due to their work.
It is true that their usefulness in the medical field is also related to the fact that they prevent the transfer of viruses from outside the premises where staff work, to patients inside. As for the rest of the fields mentioned above, they are more useful in terms of the comfort they offer to the foot.
If you do most of your work standing up, spending at least 8 hours a day walking, you are definitely interested in the features that medical clogs have. For example, for those who work in gastronomy, a pair of chef’s slippers is a must, but let’s find out why:
Here are just 5 reasons why a pair of clogs is the most suitable footwear:

  1. They’re easy to put on. Medical clogs don’t have buckles to fasten, holes to hook into, laces to untie or numerous staples. You won’t even have to use your hands to put on or take off a pair of clogs.
  2. They have ridges on the sole. The non-slip soles of medical clogs will prevent accidents or unpleasant situations that can occur due to a wet floor. Particularly in the dental or medical field, the floor is washed very often to keep it clean. In such situations, a pair of medical clogs that has a non-stick grooved sole will protect you from any risk of slipping.
  3. Patterns are not characteristic of medical shoes. Some pairs of slippers have certain patterns that make the foot stiff or awkward, such as staples that are caught on the inside. If you choose to wear medical clogs, you will not need to worry about this because they have a clear standard to which they are made.
  4. Adjustable. The only buckle you will have on your medical clogs will be the indispensable adjustment buckle. You may have chosen the right size for your sole, but the width of your foot has always given you trouble. Or, for those days when your feet are swollen and all pairs of slippers are squeezing you, you can opt for the option of adjusting the size of your clogs.
  5. They’re perforated. That perforated pattern on the top of perforated leather medical clogs isn’t just a design feature. Its role is to allow air to circulate and, at the same time, to permanently ventilate the foot.
    How do you tell the difference between classic pairs of clogs and medical slippers?
    Medical clogs are made for specific purposes: hygiene and comfort. Thus, they are not the slippers you rely on for events or walking around town, but are used strictly for the purpose of relieving the activity and for the safety of the wearer.
    Medical shoes are distinguished by their appearance. They have no patterns, pebbles, rhinestones or flowers. They are simple, perforated at the top and with a slightly thick sole to cushion the weight of the body when walking. The clogs you find in shoe shops are slippers to wear when you go out for a walk, they have different designs, inserts, straps and braces or heels.
    Another considerable difference between the two types of clogs is the toe. The toe of casual clogs can be either closed or open, whereas with medical clogs you will always see that the toe is always closed. Also, the materials from which the two models of clogs are made are extremely different. Medical clogs are made of natural leather or eco-leather, sometimes they can also be made of rubber, while clogs for going out can also be made of turned leather.
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